"He deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the courageous war-zone photojournalists of an earlier generation such as Robert Capa and W. Eugene Smith who mixed reporting and art by their skillful timing and skepticism of authority." Weston J. Naef, Curator of Photographs, The J. Paul Getty Museum. 

Praised for his "ability to gather the words and pictures that broaden the story..." Katherine Bishop, New York Times. 

"A true professional, and an intelligent, dedicated photojournalist." Abdul Mawgood Hassan, United Nations. 

" He manipulates, cajoles, strokes and even praises. He is a master in the photographic universe and he has the pictures to prove it." Brenda Himelfarb, Palisadian Post. 

"The New York Times coverage of the Los Angeles Riots was as good as it gets. The credit must surely go to you, the photographer who risked injury to cover the riotous neighborhoods. This fine work has earned you a special Publisher’s Award. Please accept my thanks and congratulations on a job well done." Arthur O. Sulzberger, Publisher, New York Times. 

"Thanks for the clip, it is a striking story." Van Gordon Sauter, President , Fox News. 

"...knows how to get the shots he wants." Lisa Waring. Associate Editor, Palisadian Post. 

Bartholomew has a " close association between the spiritual and creative impulses." Libby Motika, Palisadian Post. 

" Bartholomew is a specialist in corporate photography. One picture is worth MORE than a thousand words." Billie Lauricella, Greenwich Time. 

"Wonderful pictures. I am officially designating you an honorary Canadian." Roz Wolfe, Senior Political Officer, Consulate General of Canada. 

"You and I had a lot of fun over the years, running your photos and Lifestyle feature pages, and talking photos. It was one of the highlights for me over the 20 years. I truly was focused on having the best possible photos in the Post and, thanks to pros like you who stepped up on my behalf, the paper was unrivaled among our competitors." Bill Bruns, Photo Editor Life Magazine, Editor Palisadian Post. 

"Thanks for the clip and concern. Much appreciation for your interest in Bob's work !! " Cornell Capa 

"Thanks for your good work on the Hilton Foundation Board photos." Steven Hilton President and CEO